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Cold porcelain clay is an interesting material: simple to make at home, gives great results. It’s malleable and easy to mould, but it becomes hard and plastic-like once it dries. MATERIAL NEEDED: * 1 cup (240ml) Cornflour * 1 cup (240ml) PVA glue * 2 tablespoon of vinegar * 2 tablespoon of cooking oil Would you like to try it? Download the PDF tutorial cold-porcelainDownload

MACRAMÉ  is a fascinating (and slightly complex!) craft.  Understanding and memorising all the different knots can be quite tricky as they rely on particular hand movements, so        ideally you would need somebody to show you those movements. Nevertheless, even the most complex projects are combinations of simpler basic knots that you can practise making. MATERIAL NEEDED: * Any thread you have available, in at least 2 or 3 different colours. Ideally lace making or embroidery thread, but even normal cotton or wool would do. * A pair of scissors * Something to secure  your piece while working (e.g. a piece of sticky tape or a clipboard). Ready for

A MANDALA is a geometric (normally circular) configuration of patterns. In various spiritual traditions, making mandalas is a way to relax, focus attention and a form of meditation. Drawing MANDALAS can help you become more mindful and calm. MATERIAL NEEDED: Fine liners (but if they’re not available, normal pens or felt-tip pens would do too). Paper plates (or alternately circles cut out from a normal sheet of paper/card) Intrigued? Why don't you have a go? Download the PDF tutorial Mandala-doodleDownload

https://youtu.be/t5ozv1bd67w Falmouth Art Gallery is now open, but things will be a little different for a while. To keep you safe the gallery has introduced timed ticket slots to limit visitor numbers. Current opening hours: Mon - Sat 10 am - 4 pm To reserve your free ticket please follow this link: Reserve your ticket The exhibitions on display are: 20/20 - A Different Way of Seeing P's and Q's - Piers, Ports and Quays

The Margaret Whitford Bequest is a collection of 47 contemporary prints and a sculpture acquired by Falmouth Art Gallery in 2012 through The Art Fund. In 2018/19 the gallery’s Citizen Curators staged the ‘Gut Reaction’ project to find out more about Margaret Whitford and her collection and explore how audiences responded to the artworks. Two of the group, Becki Brattin and Katie Bunnell, were keen to take this work further and were awarded an ‘Emerging Voices’ bursary by Cornwall Museum’s Partnership to enable them to continue their research. You can read about their project ‘Finding Margaret’ here: https://www.cornwallmuseumspartnership.org.uk/finding-margaret-emerging-voices/

We would like to announce the release of 'The Curating Room' - a space for community groups, artists and visitors to choose and create artworks for online exhibitions. This is an online version of Falmouth Art Gallery’s Community Gallery and features a growing selection of exhibitions that have been made during Covid-19. The current exhibitions are: ‘Re-interpretions’, curated by Frank Pellow, featuring re-interpretations of artworks from the Falmouth Art Gallery Collection created by students from Falmouth University. A collection of all #FalmouthPosers submissions, these will be updated as we recieve more! Visit at https://the-curating-room.falculture.org/ 🎨