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Echium pininana Common name:     Pride of Tenerife Family:  Boraginaceae Genus:   Echium Exposure:  Full sun Hardiness:  Half hardy Soil type:  Well drained/ light Height: 400cms Spread:  90cms Echium pininana is a stunning plant for any sheltered border providing a tropical touch to the summer. It is commonly found on the Canary Islands where its flower heads can be seen growing out of the lush undergrowth. In its second year Echium pininana suddenly spurts into growth and prodcues a single 4m (13.1ft) high flower spike festooned with blue, funnel-shaped flowers. After flowering the plant scatters its seeds and dies. In Cornwall these will germinate where they land, but in colder areas seeds should be

Are you up for a challenge? Join the Tallest Sunflower Growing competition 2020 - Open to all ages, whether you have green fingers or not. Sign up and receive your sunflower seedling with full growing instructions. Each week chart the growth of your flowers by measuring them and completing the growing log as you watch them flourish. You’ll be invited to join the closed Facebook group, where you can upload pictures of your plants, ask for advice and see how other people’s sunflowers are growing. The winner will be the person who has grown the tallest sunflower, after verification, by the closing date

Julian Dyson (1936-2003): Spotted dog, signed and dated 2003, ink. 5 minutes to spare? Want to improve your drawing skills and observation? Do a line drawing of your pet, or other creature using Julian Dyson's work above for inspiration. Line drawings are great because they are quick and often capture the energy of the subject you are drawing. A line drawing emphasizes form and outline over colour, shading, and texture. Give it a go and share your work with us. View the challenge with more detail at https://lovefalmouthvolunteers.volunteermakers.org/get-involved/just-a-minute/5-minute-creative-challenge/71/ Submissions Line drawing of Dotty by Jenny 'Composition Study, Porthmoine Cove' by Suzi Stephens

We would like to announce the release of 'The Curating Room' - a space for community groups, artists and visitors to choose and create artworks for online exhibitions. This is an online version of Falmouth Art Gallery’s Community Gallery and features a growing selection of exhibitions that have been made during Covid-19. The current exhibitions are: ‘Re-interpretions’, curated by Frank Pellow, featuring re-interpretations of artworks from the Falmouth Art Gallery Collection created by students from Falmouth University. A collection of all #FalmouthPosers submissions, these will be updated as we recieve more! Visit at https://the-curating-room.falculture.org/ 🎨