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Splanna Year one 🍰

Splanna Year one 🍰

Splanna is the gallery’s resident Climate focused youth group. Splanna’s core purpose is to provide a nurturing and empowering space for local young people to come together and explore the Climate and ecological emergency through Art and conversation. Splanna is free to attend, and involves weekly evenings of Art workshops, conversation and food. We usually work from the gallery, though we have recently taken up residency at Loveland community field in Penryn.

Since beginning in 2021, Splanna have:

  • Created and put on a Climate Emergency exhibition in the gallery
  • Written and performed a rap at a Cornwall Climate Conference
  • Created an public art installation about soil health in our local park
  • hosted stalls running Climate themed Art workshops to members of the public

As a Gallery, we are working to reduce our environmental impact where possible. As we work with the Falmouth Town council, we are also using their environmental policy as a model to implement changes within our establishment