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July 2022

Andrew Lanyon 'Reconstruction of Man Ray's Metronome', 2004. Falmouth Art Gallery. During the summer of 1937, an extraordinary group of Surrealist artists came on holiday to Cornwall for the first time. Among them were some of the most influential and original painters, sculptors, writers and photographers of the 20th century. This exhibition celebrates the 85th anniversary of their holiday with the display of photographs by Lee Miller, Man Ray, Roland Penrose alongside original artworks by Eileen Agar and Max Ernst. The artworks reveal the rich vein of surrealist activity that occurred during their stay at a manor house near Falmouth. 18th July -

‘Hevva’ was a fishing term in the Cornish language for the traditional call used by the ‘huer’, who was employed to spot shoals of pilchards (now known as Cornish Sardines), and quickly rally the fishermen to their boats when fish were sighted. Fred Stephens (1832-1908) was a legendary ‘huer’ who spotted shoals of fish at Cadgwith for over forty years and the true story of his remarkable dream of pilchards is the inspiration for this exhibition which explores the highs and lows of fishing in Cornwall. Fishing has been a vital source of food and income since people first settled on

This week Boudicea Brian completed her work experience in the gallery. Bou is a young artist, interested in the Arts, History, Design and Technology, Computer Science. She helped with workshops and painted a landscape piece inspired by impressionist artists that she found whilst exploring the gallery’s collection. On her penultimate day, Bou wrote a poem based on her previous outings on the walk from Flushing to Mylor, with a touch of fantasy. Before writing the poem Bou researched the chosen Artists. She ended the poem based on the artwork of Mathew Draper; his work is shown below. Art Project Mathew Draper Mathew

Falmouth Art Gallery launches a new digital guide featuring audio descriptions and videos. The guide enriches access to the gallery’s collections for on-site and online visitors. The free guide connects Falmouth Art Gallery with more than eighty other cultural institutions around the globe on the Bloomberg Connects app Today, Falmouth Art Gallery launched a new, free digital guide on Bloomberg Connects, the free arts and cultural app created by Bloomberg Philanthropies. The Bloomberg Connects app, available for download from Google Play or the App Store, makes Falmouth Art Gallery accessible for either on-site or offsite visits through a variety of photo, audio