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Young Curators in the gallery this week

We are a group of year 10 students from Penryn College doing work experience here at the gallery. When we arrived we were given a task to create an exhibition for the gallery. Originally, we were creating a hypothetical exhibition that wasn’t going to be hung, but then the opportunity arose for us to select a few of the artworks we chose and hang them in this corner of the gallery. We chose the theme female artists from Cornwall for out exhibition, because you see a lot of male artists getting recognition for there works but not nearly as many women. So we chose some of our favourite pieces by women from Cornwall to show here.

Model of the Exhibition

The art and information on the artists

Grace Gardner was five when she first began experimenting with abstraction and her life had been devoted to abstraction ever since. She came to Cornwall from Chicago in 1984. Her paintings are usually painted in series, the most famous being the grid series, which was inspired by her painting a quilt while recovering from illness in bed. In 2004 Grace donated an important collection to the Falmouth Art Gallery.

Anna Maria Fox was the eldest child of Robert Ware Fox and Maria Barclay. Her siblings were Barclay Fox and Caroline Fox. She never married and dies on the 18th November 1897 aged 81. She was buried at the Quaker burial ground in Budock in the same plot as her sister, Caroline.

Sophie Anderson was a French born British artist. She began her career as a lithographer and painter. Anderson specialised in painting women and children, and she became the first Cornwall-based female artist to have a painting sell for over a million pounds at auction. In this particular painting, she uses very soft colours, with no harsh contrasts or bright colours. The flowers in the girls hair are made of very light shades of blue of pink, along with some dark purple. She was born in 1823 in Paris and died in 1903 in Falmouth. 

Daphne Jameson-daughter of the late artist Frank Jameson. Born in 1942, died in 2014.

Rosie Scott – her images are often developed from sketches of a special place like her childhood memories of St Just in Roseland Creek.

Artwork by the Students

The Exhibition