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March 2022

We are a group of year 10 students from Penryn College doing work experience here at the gallery. When we arrived we were given a task to create an exhibition for the gallery. Originally, we were creating a hypothetical exhibition that wasn’t going to be hung, but then the opportunity arose for us to select a few of the artworks we chose and hang them in this corner of the gallery. We chose the theme female artists from Cornwall for out exhibition, because you see a lot of male artists getting recognition for there works but not nearly as many

It has been a truly sensational experience to have pursued the project of doing the Gold Arts Award. I can not thank Sarah Scott (and everyone else who supported me along the way), with completing this amazing achievement that still feels unreal, in all honesty! The opportunity came just before 2020 and the rude interruption of Covid, but nonetheless me and Sarah still managed to continue working, virtually and when we went through the opening and closing of all the three lockdowns. I have worked with some amazing people. It has been a brilliant thing for me, to think more about