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Donna – Access and Interpretation Manager

Donna – Access and Interpretation Manager

Job title

access and interpretation manager (job share 16 hours per week)

What you actually do

a lot of writing! I focus on exhibitions and marketing, mainly creating the written elements for gallery exhibitions, developing the marketing strategy for cultural services and writing grant applications.

Where people can find you

falmouth art gallery, usually in the ‘ideas hub’ office.

Your favourite artist in falmouth art gallery collection

I’ll always have a fondness for john singer sargent’s ‘portrait of charles napier hemy’ as it helped me get my job here but my favourite painting has always been ‘in the coulisse – behind the scenes’ by dame laura knight.

Your favourite book in the falmouth library

Pride and prejudice by jane austen

Something peculiar/distinctive about you

I live in cadgwith and in the summer I enjoy spending thursday evenings out fishing with my dad in the village competitions.

How you like your tea

Rooibos with oat milk or just hot water