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As part of BENOW, Fal Culture’s annual festival celebrating the culture of women, we are launching a 30 day art challenge called #InHerShoes. The challenge will be posted on the Falmouth Art Gallery Instagram using the hashtag #InHerShoes https://www.instagram.com/falmouthartgallery/ In the spirit of BENOW, the challenge will begin on the 8th March – International Women’s Day- and will last for 30 days. All are welcome to participate, artists and novices alike! If you would like to take-part, please see further details below.

An artwork by Sara Trillo entitled 'Relics of Saints'.  It depicts a bright pink boot, orange unbreall, red boots and red fish in a bluue pond all arranged over a dark green background with a black stripe across the top.
Sara Trillo, Relics of Saints, Watercolour Monoprint, Bequeathed through the Art Fund by Maragaret Whitford, Falmouth Art Gallery Collectio

Explore views of our world from Falmouth to afar by stepping into the shoes of the female artists who have depicted it. We invite you to get creative and join our 30 day art challenge #InHerShoes. Each day we will post a different artwork on our Instagram, all by female artists and sourced from the Falmouth Art Gallery Collection. We challenge you to respond creatively through any medium of your choice, it could be art/photography/poetry/words, and to share your creations on Instagram using the hashtag #InHerShoes or email to intern2@falmouthartgallery.com. We will be reposting some of your entries as we go, and sharing additional stories of the 30 artists from our collection along the way so keep an eye out for our daily posts. All of the entries will be displayed in a digital exhibition on open.falculture.org and in our Community Gallery when we re-open. We look forward to seeing what you create! For links to our social media, and the BENOW festival programme of events, please see below: