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Smartphone Photography in Falmouth

Smartphone Photography in Falmouth

Our Community Gallery is hosting a fascinating photography exhibition. The photos on display are by an amazing group of people who have taken part in the first 8 week discover smartphone photography project in Falmouth, run by Make it Better CIC and supported by Falmouth Cultural Services and The Little Parc Owles Trust.

The project

People got involved for lots of different reasons, to get more confident with photography, to learn how their phone camera and apps worked, to tell their story, be creative or get more confident about showing their photographs.

People involved took part in workshops or location visit, taking photographs in our community or at local heritage sites in and around Falmouth.

They looked at things like-

  • The formal elements of a photograph
  • Taking good photos
  • Postproduction, editing
  • Saving, sharing photographs for screen, paper and wall
  • The law and photography
  • Social media and digital poverty

The start of the second lockdown disrupted the normal flow of the workshops, but the project carried on online, inviting participants to work on group challenges and individual projects, sharing their photographs with the group. By this point the group had created its own supportive community, really useful in these difficult times.

The last session (after the end of the second lockdown) was spent together framing the prints and setting up the exhibition: a great way to reflect on what everyone has achieved.

Throughout the project people have looked at the connections between using photography as part of living a happy and healthy life. Photography allows people to take notice, make connections, get active, learn and give support to ourselves and others. These actions are proven to be important in improving mental wellbeing throughout life. The group have had been inspired by photography and are now pursuing distinctly individual projects. They intend to continue meeting up on a monthly basis as a creative community.

Make it better (mitber) CIC was set up in 2017, to support communities to live well through the arts. Creativity helps us live well. It allows us to contribute, make connections and look after our culture; Make it Better CIC recognises and helps protect this as a human right. To sign up or for more information contact Ruth Purdy 07800 586 315 or email ruth@mitber.com