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Origami Wishing Stars – Make&Take Adults

Origami Wishing Stars – Make&Take Adults

An easy craft coming from eastern traditions, can seems tricky at a first glance, but it is easy to master after a couple of attempts. A cute idea as a present or an unconventional Christmas Decoration.

 Origami paper (or thin coloured cartridge paper): a strip of at least 20cmX1.5cm for each star
 Scissors (if you need to cut the sheets of paper into strips)
 A pen (to write your wish inside the star)
 A jar (optional: only if you want to collect all the stars in a decorative way)

Download the tutorial and try this craft. The more you practise and the better you will be at it!

MAKE&TAKE ADULTS are creative workshop for adults, free and open to everybody. Every week there is a new activity and craft to explore. They are a great opportunity for people to practise creativity for the promotion of well-being: participants are invited to ‘play’ with materials without feeling the pressure of achieving something perfect. The sessions also offer the chance to socialise in a very friendly, supportive and relaxed atmosphere. Due to social distancing, the group is currently unable to meet, so we are offering simple tutorials for the weekly workshop, readjusting the original activity with materials and resources that people can easily find at home.