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Plant of the Month – June 2020

Plant of the Month – June 2020

Echium pininana

Common name:     Pride of Tenerife

Family:  Boraginaceae

Genus:   Echium

Exposure:  Full sun

Hardiness:  Half hardy

Soil type:  Well drained/ light

Height: 400cms

Spread:  90cms

Echium pininana is a stunning plant for any sheltered border providing a tropical touch to the summer. It is commonly found on the Canary Islands where its flower heads can be seen growing out of the lush undergrowth.

In its second year Echium pininana suddenly spurts into growth and prodcues a single 4m (13.1ft) high flower spike festooned with blue, funnel-shaped flowers.

After flowering the plant scatters its seeds and dies. In Cornwall these will germinate where they land, but in colder areas seeds should be sown underglass in Spring.

Plants flower every second year, so sow seeds every year to ensure a continuous supply of blooms.

Where to find them in Falmouth: Queen Mary Gardens, Gyllyngdune Gardens, Fox Rosehill Gardens, Falmouth Old Cemetery, Falmouth seafront and many private front gardens

Article by Jacqui Owen, follow her at @cornishcountrytreasure on Instagram for more Cornish nature info and photos.