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Cross Stitch colouring in – Make and Take Adults

Cross Stitch colouring in – Make and Take Adults

Cross stitch is gaining a renewed popularity among crafters and makers. It is easy, relaxing and very effective. Also, it doesn’t require too many complicated tools or resources, so it’s a relatively cheap craft to try. Cross stitch projects are often sold as kits, but you can also purchase basic supplies and come up with your own project. Kids can easily have a go, but it is a very satisfying activity for adults too. This craft is nothing else than a form of counted thread embroidery that has been around for ages, and it is for sure one of the easiest forms of hand embroidery to learn. Cross stitch is comprised of X-shaped stitches done on special fabric with an even and open weave like Aida or linen. One of the strengths of this form of craft is that designs can vary a lot, going from very traditional to unusual and contemporary (or anywhere in between!). We offer here an unconventional approach to cross stitch, inviting you to create an abstract geometrical composition and focus on ‘colouring in’ the different areas. This is a very mindful and soothing practice too. Give it a go!

– Embroidery hoop
– Aida fabric (I have used 14 counts, but you can choose your favourite)
– Embroidery needle
– Embroidery thread
– A pencil and a pair of scissors

Ready to try it? Download the full Tutorial in PDF and start cross-stitching!

MAKE&TAKE ADULTS are creative workshop for adults, free and open to everybody. Every week there is a new activity and craft to explore. They are a great opportunity for people to practise creativity for the promotion of well-being: participants are invited to ‘play’ with materials without feeling the pressure of achieving something perfect. The sessions also offer the chance to socialise in a very friendly, supportive and relaxed atmosphere. Due to social distancing, the group is currently unable to meet, so we are offering simple tutorials for the weekly workshop, readjusting the original activity with materials and resources that people can easily find at home.