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May 2020

Hector and the search for happiness’ is a sweet, thought provoking novel written by the French psychiatrist FrancoisLelord. The main character, Hector, is a psychiatrist who suddenly wakes up from the tedium of his extremely routinely life. He feels a fraud for counselling people who never seemed to get any happier and he starts questioning himself about what happiness really is. He decides to embark on a journey around the world in search of the true meaning of it. The book is a little gem with a pleasant and engaging style. It offers food for thoughts and interesting suggestions for

If you create an account with YouTube you will open a world of surprisingly informative and entertaining viewing channels, potentially catering to your own personal interests. I have a number of channel subscriptions ranging from Workshops in Craft technology, model building, creative design and painting, outdoor activities, cooking,  and so on and so on. There’s a whole world of cultural diversities to be discovered. And one channel subscription I particularly enjoy is with Adam Savage, he is worth checking out. Adam is an intellectual creative Geek with catchy enthusiasm. He has evolved from a career in the world of movie prop making,

The Margaret Whitford Bequest is a collection of 47 contemporary prints and a sculpture acquired by Falmouth Art Gallery in 2012 through The Art Fund. In 2018/19 the gallery’s Citizen Curators staged the ‘Gut Reaction’ project to find out more about Margaret Whitford and her collection and explore how audiences responded to the artworks. Two of the group, Becki Brattin and Katie Bunnell, were keen to take this work further and were awarded an ‘Emerging Voices’ bursary by Cornwall Museum’s Partnership to enable them to continue their research. You can read about their project ‘Finding Margaret’ here: https://www.cornwallmuseumspartnership.org.uk/finding-margaret-emerging-voices/

We would like to announce the release of 'The Curating Room' - a space for community groups, artists and visitors to choose and create artworks for online exhibitions. This is an online version of Falmouth Art Gallery’s Community Gallery and features a growing selection of exhibitions that have been made during Covid-19. The current exhibitions are: ‘Re-interpretions’, curated by Frank Pellow, featuring re-interpretations of artworks from the Falmouth Art Gallery Collection created by students from Falmouth University. A collection of all #FalmouthPosers submissions, these will be updated as we recieve more! Visit at https://the-curating-room.falculture.org/ 🎨

Cross stitch is gaining a renewed popularity among crafters and makers. It is easy, relaxing and very effective. Also, it doesn’t require too many complicated tools or resources, so it’s a relatively cheap craft to try. Cross stitch projects are often sold as kits, but you can also purchase basic supplies and come up with your own project. Kids can easily have a go, but it is a very satisfying activity for adults too. This craft is nothing else than a form of counted thread embroidery that has been around for ages, and it is for sure one of the

In this very peculiar moment of forced isolation, art can be an anchor that keeps us afloat, comforting and soothing. It is for me, at least. I spend a great part of my day in front of my laptop’s screen and I have put Sunghrie III by Wilhelmina Barns-Graham as my background on the screen desktop. It is my favourite piece in our collection.  The Gallery is relatively small and people don’t always realise that the collection consists of thousands of pieces and they are all fully accessible online

Did you know that Falmouth has been a focal point for automata makers since the 1980s? Falmouth Art Gallery has a large collection of contemporary automata and visitors often comment how much they enjoy turning the handles of these mavellous machines. You can discover this entertaining artform, explore Falmouth's collection and learn why it is so important to Falmouth here: automata.falculture.org