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Colour and Design

Colour and Design

Antony Frost

Frost, Anthony : Time Enough At Last, signed and dated 1992, mixed media on canvas, 66 x 66 cms.
FAMAG 2016.4.17

Anthony Frost lives and works in Cornwall, where he was born in 1951.

His ‘work is vibrant and wild, full of colour, part painting, part collage. He is inspired by loud, raw, post-punk music and motivated by the desire to create subconsciously and automatically.’


What you need

Inspired by the use of colour in this painting, this activity is to design an image and colour it in. The Design will be free standing.

What you will need

  • Thin white Card (you can use any packaging, cereal box etc cut to size)
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Black Pens (thick and thin) – Waterproof Black felt tips
  • Paints Crayons or Coloured Felt Tips
  • Small Scissors

The Activity

1. Draw two parallel lines 2cms from the bottom of the card. Use a space equal to a Library or Credit Card.

2. For a fish design draw some basic squashed circle shapes one above the other, getting smaller toward the top. I placed a Starfish at the top.

3. Use these shapes and space to draw your fish in more detail. Remember this shape will be cut out so keeps edges simple.

4. Draw around the edges with a thick black felt tip pen. You will use this line to cut out the design

5. Use a thinner black waterproof felt tip or black pen to show the detail

6. Now it’s time to be inspired by all those wonderful colours in Antony Frosts painting and colour in your design.

7. When you have finished colouring you can carefully cut it out.

8. Then fold the white card behind the image using the two straight lines you drew. Fold backwards along both lines. This will allow you to stand your creation up.

What next?

Please send us your creations or your other ideas on social media 📱 . tag it #falculture

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