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Sir Terry Frost collage activity

Sir Terry Frost collage activity

Sir Terry Frost

‘Orchard Tambourine B’ by Terry Frost. FAMAG 2006.26.29

Sir Terry Frost was a St Ives based artist who was well known for his colourful, bold designs. He took inspiration from the life and landscape around him and created what he saw in strong shapes and lines. Often in his work you get a sense of the movement of the weather or simple boat shapes bobbing on the water.

This artwork by Terry Frost is made up of 25 small prints in frames. When placed together they cover a big area. Each piece has a small circle, a big circle and a square. It is fun to look at the different colour combinations, choosing what you like and don’t like. Do any of the pieces remind you of food, or of the outdoors and nature, or of an outfit you like to wear?

Circle, Circle, Square.

This creative activity needs no glue, scissors or paint!  Use everyday objects to recreate the Terry Frost design that gets us thinking about shape, colour and words.  This is playful installation art that is captured in photos, then dismantled and put away. Use your senses and imagination to create descriptive words to accompany the shapes.

What you will need

  • Various items from around your home that are square or circle shaped.
  • The kitchen is a good place to find suitable things.
  • A camera to photograph your designs.
  • Your imagination for wordplay!
  • Pen and paper for writing down your descriptive words.

Look for storage containers and lids, plates, tins, bowls, bottle tops, paper napkins.

Outside in your garden or yard you might find flowers and pots that are circular. Tiles, fences or the different textures of ground can be photographed and cropped as square shaped.

Circle, Circle, Square

  • For each photo you need a square, a big circle and a small circle.
  • Place the square shape flat on a surface.
  • Place the big circle on top of the square.
  • Place the small circle on top of the big circle.
  • Take a photograph of your design.
  • Choose descriptive words for your design in the order of small circle, big circle, square. Think about the colours and what they remind you of.
Midnight Sky, Mermaid Tail, Clean Sheet
Winning Medal, Candy Floss, Evening Sea

If you have lots of combinations you could put them on a grid like Sir Terry Frost.

Emerald Tyre, Dusty Cocoa, Blue Footbath
Sunburst, Silver Swirl, Smooth Earth

What next?

Here is another artwork by Sir Terry Frost called Tambourine A, this time you can use materials like pencils, straws, books etc.

Frost, Sir Terry RA (1915-2003): Timberaine A,

FAMAG 2008.26.27
© courtesy of the estate of Terry Frost.

We would love to see how Sir Terry Frost’s artworks have inspired you. Please send us your photos on social media 📱 . tag it #falculture

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