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Everyone can draw

Everyone can draw

Patrick Woodroffe

Patrick Woodroffe
No Place for the Naive
FAMAG 2011.21

Patrick Woodroffe (1940-2014) was a Falmouth-based painter, etcher and draughtsman who specialised in fantasy science-fiction artwork.

Falmouth Art Gallery staged a retrospective exhibition called ‘The World of Woodroffe’ in 2015 and his work also featured in our most recent exhibition ‘A Sharp Pencil’.

The gallery is fortunate to have a number of his artworks in its collection, including wonderful drawings like this one.

Draw fantasy creatures in mins

Here is a five minute exercise to get you drawing. There is no right or wrong. Just have fun and see what creature you create.

What you will need

  • A couple of pieces of paper (around A4 format)
  • Pens you would like to use (pencil, gel pens, felt tip pens or colour pencils)
  • Some washy tape or sellotape (optional)

Making your fantasy creature inspired by Patrick Woodroffe

 Use some washy tape or sellotape if you want to attach your piece of paper on the table.

Draw a creature using both your hands at the same time. See some examples below.

Hold one pen (same or different colours) in each hand.

What next?

Now you know what to do, you can try making other creatures or draw some flowers, butterflies, robots etc. Please send us your creatures or your other ideas on social media 📱 . tag it #falculture

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