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Pop Art Paper Plate Activity

Pop Art Paper Plate Activity

Roy Lichtenstein

FAMAG 2009.13 (© The Estate of Roy Lichtenstein/DACS 2011 )

Roy Lichenstein (1923-1997) was an American artist in the 1960s pop art movement. Lichtenstein’s work used popular advertising and the comic book style. Amongst others, he was a leading figure in the pop art movement. Other pop artists were Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, and James Rosenquist.

Falmouth Art Gallery are lucky to have a piece by Roy Lichtenstein called Paper Plates. It is from a series of screen-prints on paper plates.

Roy Lichtenstein Paper Plate activity

Here are instructions on how to make your own pop art paper plate art work. If you don’t have a paper plate, don’t worry, we have included instructions for making a paper plate below.

What you will need

  • A paper plate (or a large piece of paper or card)
  • Felt tip pens
  • Pencil

If you do not have a paper plate, then you will need to make one first using:

  • A Large piece of paper or card (the back of a cereal packet might work)
  • big plate
  • smaller plate
  • scissors
  • Pencil


Making a paper plate

If you already have a paper plate, then you can skip this section 🙂

Get a plate from your kitchen

Now get a smaller plate, place this in the centre of your plate drawing to create the rim of the plate.

Draw around it, you might need some help to keep the plate still!

Your Plate is ready, I would draw your design before cutting it out but it’s up to you!

Making your Lichtenstein inspired pop art

Now draw your design, have a look at the shapes and colours that Lichtenstein used. Pop artists loved bright primary colours that really popped!

Here is the finished plate by Ivy, age 8. We would love to see your design!

What next?

We would love to see your pop art. If you put it on social media 📱 please tag it #falculture. We will be adding to the online gallery below. Why not take your new love of Pop art and design your own poster.

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